Coca cola quality management

Journey Staff Jan 1, Share: Not content with simply implementing schemes and standards developed by others, Coca-Cola representatives have become participants in the GFSI technical working groups and are often speakers at conferences and events.

We refine our requirements to further ensure that KORE embodies the most recent and stringent manufacturing processes. Coca Cola uses a database system called Questar which enables them to perform checks on the line.

The author is Editor of QA magazine. In fact, the industry and the regulators tend to work closely, with Coca cola quality management almost open-door policy existing between the two.

Coca-Cola. Quality Management.

In fact, it was just such adherence that converted the company from a purely internal quality system to one driven by Global Food Safety Initiative GFSI certification.

We also engage with standard-setting and industry organizations.

This has been a real step change to a more external focused approach over the last four years. Coca-Cola contracts with third parties to purchase its products from various retail establishments. KORE promotes the highest standards in product safety and quality, occupational safety and health, and environmental standards across the Coca-Cola system by outlining clear requirements for the policies, specifications and programs that guide our operations.

Quality tests include, the CO2 and sugar values, micro testing, packaging quality and cap tightness. The regulators reviewed the data and testing and ended up correcting their test methods.

With such few ingredients, a slight difference in any one, such as the water, could change the classic, expected taste and quality of the final product. KORE guarantees the highest standards in product safety and quality, occupational safety and health and environmental standards across the entire Coca-Cola system 2.

Quality policies Protecting the Environment: The company develops a theme, TV advertising, Web support, etc. For example, one way in which Coca Cola has improved their production process is during the wrapping stage at the end of the line.

Yet with water sourced locally at every plant, from a range of sources—well water to vastly varying municipal waters, it is essential that specific filtering and treatment processes be used so that the water that ends up in the final product is the same at every plant.

When these checks are performed the production process can begin. Machinery is also under constant maintenance, which requires highly skilled engineers to fix problems, and help Coca-cola maintain high outputs. Rather, for quality and food safety, Coca-Cola maintains much more rigid standards across its system to protect the brand, assure supply standards, and control the manufacturing process.

The company responded that that was not possible; it had data points which countered those results. Our consumers deserve safe, refreshing and high-quality beverages, and across the Coca-Cola system, we work hard to meet the highest standards of product safety and quality.The Quality Management System at Coca Cola.

It is very important that each product that Coca Cola produces is of a high quality standard to ensure that each product is exactly the same. Quality Management System of Coca-Cola Each organizational unit has establish, document, implement & maintain a quality management system and continually improve it's effectiveness in accordance with the requirements of this standard.

Case Study: Quality Management System at Coca Cola Company

Quality Management System of Coca-Cola 1. QUALITY MANAGEMENT 2. Coca Cola-Sri Lanka • Coca Cola Beverages Sri Lanka Ltd (CCBSL), located in Biyagama. • The only Coca Cola bottling plant in Sri Lanka.

• Has employees. • Produces and sells over 10 million unit cases of carbonated soft drinks per annum. Coca-Cola. Quality Management. 1. Introduction. The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company, refreshing consumers with more than sparkling and still brands. We will write a custom essay sample on Coca-Cola.

Quality Management.

Coca-Cola. Quality Management.

specifically for you. KORE enables the Coca-Cola system to address the changing business landscape while supporting The Company's strategic growth plans by creating an integrated quality management program. This program holds our system-wide operations to the same standards for production and distribution of our beverages.

Coca-Cola () states that “the global nature of its business requires that the Coca-Cola system has the highest standards and processes to ensure consistent quality – from its concentrate production to its bottling and product delivery”.

Coca cola quality management
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